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South of the Border

The Top Young Players in LNBP Mexico 2023

Even with the Mexican national team taking part in the World Cup, the country's domestic competition...

Beats by Tray

Boyd bound for bigger Bloom

Less than 24 months ago, Tray Boyd toiled in virtual obscurity. Yes, the former ETSU combo put up bi...

Back to the Future

BC Prievidza and SCOUTORY enter into strategic partnership

With six national championship titles (four in Slovakia, two more in former Czechoslovakia), frequen...


Zac again: Seljaas on ProA MVP Trajectory

When in late June 2022 Tigers Tuebingen mentioned that they were still looking for a Ryan Mikesell r...

In-Nate Ability

Nate Johnson can do more than shoot Threes

Sometimes a player's role in college does not allow her or him to show the full skill set. At Xavier...

Are. You. Not. Entertained?!

Caledonia Gladiators win Silverware in Dramatic Fashion

It could not have been scripted any better: After trailing for a majority of the game, Caledonia Gla...


There is a podcast for everything these days. But not for international basketball. Yes, there are league-specific, language-specific or country-specific offerings. Eurobasket.com and SCOUTORY, however, are bringing you the big picture: A weekly round-up on all the action across the worldwide basketball scene. Top performers, remarkable upsets, player movement. Plus the occasional interview with protagonists of the game.