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Our mission

Player recruiting is one of the most important aspects of professional basketball. Finding top value for the respective budget is key to on-court success and it is very difficult eventual mistakes being made in the summer during the course of a season. SCOUTORY sets out to assist you with that process. We provide in-depth information and quality scouting reports on thousands of players. Basketball and non-basketball strengths and weaknesses. Roles, tendencies, potentials and red flags. On court and off court info. Pro players and college athletes. We interpret the enormous quantities of data and video available and keep an eye on the market for you. We do not represent players and are not cooperating with agencies, so our analysis is independent, unbiased and impartial. Our international network features free-lance scouts and coaches with tons of accumulated experience in pro basketball. Use our different filters to browse through potentially interesting names. IF A PLAYER THAT YOU WISH TO HAVE ANALYZED DOES NOT APPEAR IN OUR PLAYER DATABASE YET, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US AND WE WILL EVALUATE AND ADD THE RESPECTIVE PLAYER ASAP. WE ARE ABLE TO COMMUNICATE IN ENGLISH, TURKISH, FRENCH AND GERMAN.

Owner and Founder

Matt Haufer



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