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SCOUTORY sets out to assist you with all aspects of scouting and player recruiting. We provide quality scouting reports on players from all levels and backgrounds. We interpret the enormous quantities of data and video available and keep an eye on the market for you. We do not represent players and are not cooperating with agencies, so our analysis is independent, unbiased and impartial. IF A PLAYER THAT YOU WISH TO HAVE ANALYZED DOES NOT APPEAR IN OUR PLAYER DATABASE YET, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US AND WE WILL EVALUATE AND ADD THE RESPECTIVE PLAYER ASAP.

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South of the Border

The Top Young Players in LNBP Mexico 2023

Even with the Mexican national team taking part in the World Cup, the country's domestic competition LNBP keeps on going. We have taken a look at some of the younger prospects in a league dominated by veterans with the emphasis being on players that...

Latest Database Additions

Robert Carter
Robert Carter

Strong stretch big.....

Tedrick Wilcox
Tedrick Wilcox

Quite skinny but ath...

Patrick Cartier
Patrick Cartier

Efficient and skille...

Cormac Ryan
Cormac Ryan

Wing shooter...can p...

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